Customize Your Fundraising Page

Fundraising pages are easily customizable with your personalized message, stories, photos, and videos to help you reach your goal.

Share A Story

Keep your friends and family informed with the Stories feature that allows you to share your journey with supporters along the way. Post a story and share your page on your favorite social media platform.

Receive Donations

Receive donations through a simple, fast, and secure button right on your Fundraising page. No need to be directed to a clunky third party.

View Donors & Donation Amounts

It’s fun to see who’s supporting you. View each donor by name as well as the amount donated to your cause.

Track Progress

View your progress by dollar amount raised, percent, and how much you have to go until you’ve reached your goal. Fundrasing made easy and fun!

Fundraising made easy and fun!

Top 4 Ways People Reach Their Goal

Fundraising doesn't have to be a scary task.
Have fun with it!

Share Your Profile

Tell people you’re going on a trip to change the world and ask people to help donate online by sharing your Missions.Me profile on social media!

Support Letters & Calls

Good ol’ fashion letters sent via email or snail mail to your family and friends, you can even text them!

Envelope Fundraiser

Get 50 Envelopes and label them in dollar amounts from $1 to $50 and then ask someone to pick an amount on the envelope to donate. If you get all 50 envelopes back, you raise $1,275.

Throw A Party Or Cook A Meal

Get some of your friends together and throw an 80’s party, invite everyone, and charge admission. OR, Cook a meal and have people donate in order to pay for their food.

Financial Accountability

The Board of Directors

Missions.Me operates at the highest level of financial integrity. All funds received are considered sacred. We know donations represent people's faith in the vision of the organization. Missions.Me operates on a budget predetermined and approved by a board of directors. The board of directors is comprised of respected and experienced leaders. Each project, staff salary, and outreach must be approved by the entire board of directors.

The Accounting

An independent accounting firm compiles the finances given to Missions.Me. This accounting firm designates a staff CPA that organizes every Missions.Me financial contribution and ensures that each dollar is applied to its designated missionary or project. Missions.Me files an annual 990 to the IRS and also undergoes an annual voluntary audit.

The Promise

The heartbeat of Missions.Me is to empower people to change the world. In order to accomplish this purpose, Missions.Me meticulously manages each contribution so that more lives can be transformed. Missions.Me is committed to maintaining a low administrative burden in order to ensure the highest-level return on investment for all donated funds.

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