Rescue Orphans

Unwanted. Discarded. Abandoned.

It’s not trash, but it lives in the garbage dumps. It’s not a dog, but it begs for food.

It's A Child


And that child is an orphan.

Orphans In India

The orphan crisis in India affects 31 million Children.

On the street an orphan survives. In a home a child thrives.

We believe every child deserves a home.

An Angel House
Provides Change


Each Angel House orphan goes from searching for scraps on the street to 3 nutritious meals per day prepared by the staff.


Many of these children have never slept in a bed; and propably haven't used a pillow either! Here, children are given their own brand new bed, sheets and pillow.


Every child is clothed for every stage of life. School Uniforms. Shoes. Play clothes. We provide a new wardrobe as the child grows into an adult.


Literacy and education are the tools we use to make sure the cycle of poverty ends with them. Education through 18 years old is provided for every Angel House Orphan.

The most important thing a child needs is love and guidance.

House Parent Selection Process

Once selected, an intimate training process of classes in leadership, safety, and parenting are taken by the parents and assessed by our staff before final review.

Regular and unannounced house visits are made to ensure the homes are operating according to Angel House standards.

Angel House Built

Start funding a project to build an Angel House or donate towards an existing one.

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