The largest, most sustainable mission trip in history

1Nation1Day is a vision to reach every single person in a nation in a single day.

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Total People Reached

Unite Movements

Mobilizing teams from across the world for one cause

Creating nationwide transformation takes a global size team. The 1Nation1Day campaign pulls together teams of all sizes to form the largest missions team in history. We truly believe there is strength when we unite together for one cause, to see a nation transformed forever.

Honduras 2013
Dominican Republic 2015
Nicaragua 2017


Total students in schools reached through our ministry teams


Total missionaries sent

Nearly 90 people reached per missionary
Inspire A Nation

Influencing at every level and all spheres across a nation

Every single demographic of people is in need of healing whether it’s physical, emotional, or economic, the opportunity is great. The 1Nation1Day campaign doesn’t just target one specific group of people or location but, through government level partnerships, we are able to influence people of all walks of life across the entire nation.

Honduras 2013
Dominican Republic 2015
Nicaragua 2017


Total people reached through stadium outreaches


Total stadium outreaches

Healing Nations

Meeting the practical needs of an entire nation

We believe that in order to open the door to a nations heart you must reach the practical needs of the nation. Here’s how, together, we healed nations.

Honduras 2013
Dominican Republic 2015
Nicaragua 2017


Total people reached at medical clinics


Total people provided humanitarian aid

Aid includes shoe & food distribution, home builds and clean water filtration systems.
Create Sustainability

Building a platform for the local church to lead

When entering a country we don’t ask what local churches can do for us, we ask what we can do for them. We meet their needs through relationships and partnerships with the global church, businesses, and organizations. The 1Nation1Day campaign is simply the spark that ignites a movement carried on by the local leadership and churches united together.

Honduras 2013
Dominican Republic 2015
Nicaragua 2017


Total pastors, business and political leaders equipped


Missions.Me Team Leaders activated and released

Let's change nations together!

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