Clean Water

It kills more people than war. It is the most significant oppressor of women and children in our lifetime. It stunts economic growth and prevents education.

What is it?



Water Crisis
Water Crisis

The water crisis touches every continent.

Our mission is to provide clean water to people in need, only a few steps away from their front door.

Well Locations

Project Locations

Well project locations are specifically chosen based upon areas prone to drought. Communities will go weeks and months without fresh water causing them to have to travel even farther than usual to obtain water.

Clean Water Provides
Community Life Change


From the doorstep to the nearest water source was a 3-hour walk, now it’s 3-minutes.


The newfound time allows for more working in the garden, starting a new business, and extra food in the pantry.


Clean water wipes out illness and the village grows because children are surviving past adolescence.


Kids are able to spend more time in school. They graduate and become teachers, doctors, or business owners.

Well Locations

A generation will not know what it’s like to drink dirty, filthy, transport-in-a-bucket water ever again.

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