Team trips are what we do!

Missions.Me specializes in taking teams from around the world on life-changing missions experiences. If you are interested in partnering with one of our missions trips, please fill out the form. Missions.Me can provide your group with its own profile, URL and customized trips created especially for your church or organization.

Take Your Church or Organization

You're In Control

Control who has administrator access to your team, assign facilitators to manage your trips, and customize your organization's public profile. Use the Stories feature to encourage and inform your supporters or make important announcements.

Monitor & Promote Your Trips

Easily capture new signups or interests as you walk visitors through the registration process. See important details about your customized Missions.Me trip and get notified of account activity.

Trip Management Made Easy

See who's coming and track his or her fundraising progress. Monitor or directly assist in completing a missionary's trip requirements - even contact them directly.

Leader Or Pastor

Missions.Me specializes in bringing churches, youth groups, college groups, business groups, or any other kind of team of all sizes. We take care of all of your transportation, hotel, food and ministry schedule. As a leader, fund-raising and team building is all you'll need to focus on.

It is the vision of Missions.Me to give our best to the people we're ministering to. To achieve that, our missionaries need to be well rested and well fed. The conditions will vary from state to state, but keep in mind that the farther your team travels from a major city, the less available "higher standard" accommodations become.

HOTEL: Every hotel we stay in is inspected by a staff member prior to the trip. We guarantee that your hotel will be equipped with air conditioning and high speed internet.

FOOD: All restaurants are tested and approved by a staff member. You will eat at widely-known American restaurants (i.e. McDonald's, Wendy's, Pizza Hut) whenever possible. You will also be given the opportunity to partake in the local cuisine.

If you've ever been on a trip before, you know nothing gets done without organization and good leadership.From scheduling ministry sites, pick-ups, drop-offs, meals, translators and communicating with in-country contacts, our leaders handle everything and relay to you and your leadership the necessary information.

Sample Weekly Schedule

Our leaders or "project directors" number one job is to take care of you (the team leader) so that you can properly take care of your team. Most importantly, we strive to create a culture of leadership on our trips that creates new leaders and takes your student leaders to the next level.

Sample Leadership Flow Chart

Missions.Me specializes in not only bringing a message of hope to nations around the world but also a missional message to the American church. Every year, Missions.Me holds several Missions Nights in churches and generational services around the U.S. The service is packed with video, a powerful message from one of our Missions.Me Project Directors and a call to the mission field. The Missions.Me team comes prepared with applications, training instructions and fundraising ideas to make your church groups trip preparation process so easy. That night following the powerful missions service, those who responded will meet and together, we will launch your group with everything they will need to change the world.

Missions.Me gives you everything you need to hold successful training meetings. You set your own dates and times for training, we do the rest.

Serving The Local Church

At Missions.Me, we believe the local church is the hope of the world. All of the Missions.Me speakers are passionate about serving the local church and its specific vision to impact its community. Our speakers are known for bringing life-changing messages that awaken destiny, passion, and deep spiritual commitment. If you are interested in having one of our speakers come serve your church, school, or conference, simply fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 5 business days to start the conversation.

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